If you wish to associate your brand to Arts&Publics or to the Zinne Games Festival, we would love to collaborate in a way that highlights your support.

Showcasing your brand during the Zinne Games Festival will allow you to reach a large audience interested in video games, electronics and technology. Our target audience is diverse and invested in today’s Belgian gaming culture.

Becoming one of our sponsors is an excellent way to associate your company to a social project that promotes culture while supporting a local organization.

We accept two kinds of donations: 

-Prizes for the winners of our E-sport and gaming competitions.

-Loan of electronic equipment that will be used during the event.

Our current sponsors:

Super Gaby Games

Toys and video games shop specialized in retrogaming, Next-Gen Gaming and Geek & Pop Culture. Whether you are a Nintendo or Sega fan, there is something for everyone. Super Gaby Games, in addition to offering gifts for the winners of the competitions that take place during the festival, will be present to offer you a wide range of games and toys for sale!


Press-Start is a website but above all a community of video game enthusiasts gathered within a Belgian non-profit organization. It enjoys sharing its video game emotions with the visitors of its website and the subscribers to its social accounts. Receptive to all genres and eras, the community also keeps a close eye on the activity around video games in Belgium.

Press-Start will be present to offer you to discover a series of favorite video games while allowing the most combative to compete around a Soulcalibur VI tournament on Saturday and an Ultra Street Fighter IV tournament on Sunday!

Witch Gamez

Witch Gamez is a collective that aims to raise awareness of sexism in video games, whether in guilds, teams, solo or in streams.

By creating this website, WitchGamez also provides a platform of resources and support, all in a very particular tone: that of irony. Come and meet them during the festival through an exhibition and animations on their booth!

Mathieu Loiseau

During your stroll through the festival you will have the opportunity to discover two unforgettable exhibitions inspired by the game “Tales of the Green Earth” and the TV series entitled “Twice as Bright”. These illustrations, largely created by Mathieu Loiseau, depict the brutal collapse of American society in the wake of the end of oil and SolarPunk-inspired climate catastrophes.

Gaming Corporation Belgium

Gaming Corporation Belgium” is an association whose team is made up of different profiles (chemists, teachers, educators, accountants, doctors,…) but who have all been united by the same passion: competition in the world of video games.

High-level players, they decided to fully invest themselves as organizers in order to pursue one goal: to make Brussels the capital of the world E-sport. Active in a voluntary way since 2017, they decided, in 2020, to create their own non-profit organization in order to professionalize their activities and facilitate their partnerships with the biggest world editors.

Gaming Corporation will be present with content creators to allow you to discover the universe of youtubers and streamers!