Belgian Video Games


This space is dedicated to Belgian creators and aims to highlight the local gaming scene by offering the public to discover a wide range of video games from here!

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‘Please, Touch The Artwork’

Saturday 6 May / Sunday 7 May /

Thomas Waterzooi makes accessible games inspired by art and people. His games are about relaxing, reflecting, experimenting, and being absorbed […]

Bounty of one

Saturday 6 May / Sunday 7 May /

OptizOnion is a Belgian video game studio created in January 2023 by Bumpty and Kobal. The studio focuses on creating […]


Saturday 6 May / Sunday 7 May /

Youri Dhont and Ennio Dal Farra decided to join forces and create in 2023 the Walloon/Brussels studio Apophenia 23. Ennio’s […]

Shut The Doors

Saturday 6 May / Sunday 7 May /

AlphaSixty is an all-female group of three students from the digital arts program at Esa Saint-Luc Brussels. Each of them […]


Saturday 6 May / Sunday 7 May /

Team Panoptes is a Brussels-based video game studio focused on creating innovative virtual reality experiences. They strive to push the […]


Saturday 6 May / Sunday 7 May /

Badass Mongoose is a Belgian independent video game development studio dedicated to the creation and marketing of original games with […]