The arcade area will be composed of several arcade terminals suitable for all audiences, with an emphasis on Belgian games.

Devillé Arcade are two brothers based in Antwerp who make handcrafted wooden arcade terminals customized to the games they present, with an emphasis on family-friendly and cooperative games.

Julesgames, a company from Liège, will make available a wide variety of terminals, including retro games such as Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong Jr, Street Fighter II and other great classics !

Tickets Programme
All Saturday Sunday

Dooms Buttons

Saturday 6 May / Sunday 7 May /

An arcade terminal with 4 buttons as controls, very accessible for a group of players from 1 to 4 people. […]

Belgian Arcade

Saturday 6 May / Sunday 7 May /

Various games made by Belgian developers.


Saturday 6 May / Sunday 7 May /

A balance on the border between the digital and non-digital world. A player receives help from a creator who places […]

Games by Bart bonte

Saturday 6 May / Sunday 7 May /

From his base in Aalter, Bart Bonte conquers the world with his iconic reflexion games. In these six games of […]


Saturday 6 May / Sunday 7 May /

In this game 4 players will have to communicate to survive while their character runs on the 4 screens. An […]